Ice Cream Policy Explanation

  • Ice Cream Policy Explanation

    In regards to several questions about our “ice cream policy” we are posting this explanation.


    In short, the answer is that it is a Louisiana Child Nutrition policy applicable to schools participating in the National Child School Nutrition Program. Ice cream is an authorized item sold by the cafeteria as an “Extra.”


    “Extra items may be sold only to those students who have received a complete meal. The purchase of extras must occur at the time the meal is received unless the SFA (School Food Authority) has a procedure in place to determine that a student has received a complete meal.”


    This is per the Louisiana Administrative Code, Title 28 Education Part XLIX Bulletin 1196- Louisiana Food and Nutrition and Programs, Policies of Operation, Chapter 7, paragraph 703. There is no procedure identified to evaluate each child’s lunch brought from home to determine its nutritional content. It would be a very impractical process. Thus, the statewide interpretation of the policy limits the purchase of an “extra” to those students that purchase the school meal.


    If parents have questions or require further explanation please feel free to contact Michael Rocks, Director of Operations, via email at or by calling 504-433-5850.