Suicide Postvention: The Critical Role of Educators

  • R.S. 17.437.71 requires that all public school teachers, counselors, principals and other school administrators participate annually in at least two hours of in-service training in suicide prevention. The model policy requires professional development so that educators and other school staff have the training necessary to be able to identify, support, and refer students who are vulnerable to suicide.

  • Directions for participation in an online course through Jason Foundation.

    1. Log on to Jason Foundation
    2. Click on the Training tab at the top.
    3. Click Register and create your account.
    4. Click on the One Hour Courses.
    5. Click on Suicide Postvention: The Critical Role of Educators
    6. Click on Take this Course
    7. Watch the training and answer the question at the end of each chapter.
    8. Once you finish the 4th Chapters, you will take a quiz.

    Don’t forget to log your 1 hour credit on your CLU Documentation Form.


    Bring your printed certificate to
    Traci Nelson in HR.