• E.B.I: Eagle Book Investigators

    Each student will be able to write book reports on books that they have read on their own time. Kindergarten and first grade each have a different book report template, 2nd-4th will have the same template, and 5th-8th will have the same template. The books they are investigating should be grade level appropriate and something they have read recently not something they read a year or so ago. Book reports based on books that they have read in class will not accepted.  We want to promote literacy and have students put forth effort to read outside of classroom assignments.

    The way it works:

    1. Students will turn in book reports to their homeroom teacher/TA. The templates will be sent in Tuesday Folder to be printed at home and will be available in the classroom.
    2. The teacher/TA will determine if it is acceptable or if more information is needed.
    3. The teacher/TA will give the student a coupon and they will then bring the coupon to the library.
    4. The students will get to choose from a variety of prizes that they would like a chance to win. They will put their coupon in the prize box of their choice. We will hold our first raffle in October. The second raffle will be held in December. The third raffle will be held in March. The fourth raffle will be held in May.

    Not only will the students have a chance to win prizes of their choice, but all names will be put in for a GRAND PRIZE at the end of the year. (Chromebook)

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