BCA Library Policies

  • BCA Library Policies

    • BCA Library is an open library!  This means students may come to the library at any time with permission from their teacher.  All Kindergarten through 5th grade students have a regularly scheduled library class every week.
    • Kindergarten and first grade students get one book only. Students in 2nd through 8th grade may check out two books and one magazine at a time.
    • Library books have a 14-day check out period.  Magazines have a 7-day check out period.  All items are due by the date stamped on the inside of the back cover. If a student wishes to renew a book, he or she must have the book with them at the time of renewal. Renewing the book gives the student an additional 14 days.
    • Students must present their ID in order to check out a book.

    • MP3/audiobooks are available for all 3-8th grade students. Parent permission must be given in order for students to check them out due to replacement cost if lost or broken.

    • A book is considered lost if it is overdue one month.  At that time, the book must be paid for and replaced.  Once a book is considered lost, the student will not be able to check out books until the book is returned or paid for.