• BCA Theatre


    Communication, Collaboration, Cooperation!



    Advancing effective communication by

    -         Fostering creativity, self-expression & self-confidence

    -         Promoting speaking and writing skills

    -         Understanding uniqueness of form in dramatic arts and cultures

    Exercising creative collaboration in

    -         Student lead activities

    -         Student directed sketches

    -         Student written scripts

    Valuing the importance of cooperation through

    -         Group projects

    -         Class presentations


    Expectations – Working together IN PEACE

    Instantly obeying instruction

    Never complaining

    Properly respecting teachers, students, ideas, and art forms

    Exercising integrity

    Acting responsibly

    Coming prepared – physically, mentally, and emotionally

    Entering and exiting the classroom in an orderly fashion



    Unit 1 – Movement

    Unit 2 – Mime

    Unit 3 – Acting, Improvisation, Script Writing

    Rehearsals and Performance


    Grading Scale

    Weekly Journals and Assignments 50%

    Participation (Attitude/Attendance/Performance Improvement) 50%


    Classroom Management Strategy

    In order to establish a common goal for the class as a whole, the performance at the end of the quarter will be considered an earned privilege. If over the nine-week quarter, the class or an individual student does not fulfill the required goals and expectations of this theatre class, they/he/she will not be allowed to perform in the recital. In order to perform, the class will work together to fill a jar with pennies. Pennies may be earned by individual students and by the group as a whole. Pennies are earned by fulfilling the expectations in Working Together IN PEACE. It will also provide community and rapport between students and teacher alike.