More Parent Resources

  • Parent Resources  Louisiana PROMISE / PIRC services are based on the premise that the more involved parents are in their children's education the more successful their children will be in school.   Due to this premise, Louisiana PROMISE / PIRC:

    1. Recognizes parents as the first and most important teachers of children;
    2. Empowers parents as advocates for the success of their children;
    3. Assists families to greater self-sufficiency.
    4. Ensures parents are informed about the provisions of the "No Child Left Behind" Act.  This is a wonderful website that reviews movies for sex and nudity, violence, profanity, etc.

    Math - great site for  Virtual Manipulatives.  A search engine that is hassle free with no frills results.  A personal favorite.

    Hello Friend this is part of the Ennis William Cosby Foundation web Site.  Explore the thoughts and experiences of students with learning differences, and find a wealth of understanding on these topics.

    A Parent’s Guide to Learning Differences:  at the comprehensive site focuses on parent education, with the ultimate goal of improved parent-teacher collaborations to enhance children’s learning.

    LD Resources:  at this site has been providing resources for people with learning disabilities since 1995 and includes a variety of resources for the learning disabilities community:  articles, personal essays, lists, reviews, and links to more information. 

    The Council For Exceptional Children: at this is the largest international professional organization dedication to improving educational outcomes for individuals with exceptionalities, students with disabilities, and the gifted. A general reference that combines materials such as a dictionary, encyclopedia, almanac, and fact filled feature articles.  Teachers might appreciate the “Word Quiz,” and Analogy of the Day,” while kids can ask questions like “what is the stock market?”  The one stop for Almanacs, Dictionary, Encyclopedia, and Atlas.  Very easy to use.  (Grades 6-12) Teachers can use the site to develop lesson plans, and student can use it to develop critical thinking skills while investigating age appropriate treatment of world events.

    New York Times – Learning Network  This is the stop of all stops when it comes to staying abreast of current events.  Designed to be interactive, interesting, and engaging for students, parents, and teachers.  Be sure to check out “web navigator” (under student connections) for a plethora of resources.  Awesome site. Online learning resources for educators and their students.  “By harnessing the power of online content, we create learning environments that promote student achievement.

    Family Education Network - - A portal of resources and tools for parents, teachers, and students.Funbrain  A fun, interactive site for kids, parents, and teachers.  Games, quizzes, and resources.  A must see for the family.

    National Geographic -

    All the quality that you have come to expect from National Geographic, plus the immediacy that the web brings to some of their projects. Has an excellent section on Geography education.  (K-12)  An excellent full service website with tools for both Teachers, Parents, and Students.  Students can find homework help, online references.  Articles and other resources available through the parent channel offer helpful information for those looking for informed advice about their child’s education.

    "How Stuff Works" - This sight answers the question of "Why and How" about things in our world.

    Children's Literature on the Web -

    This site provides links to Children's Literature on the Web. This is a real tool if you are searching for good books for kids.

    The Library of Congress -

    "Documents, photographs, movies, and sound recordings that tell America's story."

    CICC, the Center for the Improvement of Childcaring, offers a web site of numerous programs and materials to help parents become more effective and numerous continuing education programs and materials for professionals who work with children and families.