• The role of BCA is to provide all military dependent children, no matter what their background or previous school experience, with a world-class education.  The founders are dedicated to expanding educational choice for military families, thereby giving military dependent children the opportunity to fulfill their potential.  Conceived by military personnel, educators, and community leaders in 2000, BCA incorporated as a Louisiana non-profit corporation in January 2001.  BCA was approved as a Type II charter by the Louisiana Board of Elementary and Secondary Education in June of that same year. 

    BCA seeks to provide a challenging core curriculum for all students, using research-proven curricula in a mastery-based approach that ensures competence before students proceed to new material, without delaying students who are ready to advance more quickly.  The school’s curricula in science, history, foreign language, music, art, character education, and physical fitness is based on coherent and ambitious standards and aligned with Louisiana Grade Level Expectations from the earliest grades.

    The mission of BCA is the establishment of a quality community charter school which fosters an educational environment focused on academic excellence and tailored to the needs of the military dependent child, specifically providing:

    • Acknowledgement of the unique needs of the military child 
    • Reduction of service-connected disruption and stress 
    • Substantial and direct community and parental participation 

    Central to the founders’ philosophy is the belief that while parents have the primary responsibility for the development of children’s characters, schools should support and reinforce parental efforts in this critical area.  Further, schools should actively engage parents in supporting their children’s academic learning. 

     BCA Quality Statements

     v     BCA is committed to the individual student and recognizes that each student is deserving of a first-rate education and is distinguished as a capable, unique person with particular interests, needs, abilities, and family background.

    v     The BCA academic model offers:

    o       Research-proven curricula and instructional techniques

    o       A focus on core knowledge skills

    o       An emphasis on development of critical thinking skills

    o       A strong writing instructional program

    o       An independent reading program

    o       Successful remediation

    o       A well-administered, adequately staffed special education program.

    v     BCA provides all students with character education and counseling services.

    v     To fulfill the educational and social objectives, BCA is committed to a strong professional development program that encourages teachers to become lifelong learners who challenge themselves along with their students.

    v     The BCA school culture focuses on high academic standards, good citizenship, responsibility, respect for others, community involvement, and multicultural learning in a safe and secure environment.

    v     The BCA Board of Directors and management team provide instructional support, administrative support, and other services that will sustain the efforts of the school to become a model for military communities.


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