• Using a fundamentally different approach to language arts, CKLA sequences deep content knowledge with research-based foundational skills. The focus is to develop fluent reading and writing skills and also to enhance language by building knowledge and vocabulary. Amplify CKLA is recognized by the Louisiana Department of Education as a Tier 1 curriculum for English Language Arts for students in grades K-2. The design of CKLA allows for a 60-minute skills instructional period and a 60-minute knowledge instructional period. This two strand approach ensures student access to rich texts and discussion while teaching developmentally appropriate reading foundations and comprehension.

    Kindergarten Skills
    The kindergarten foundational skills program is a “sounds first” approach; students will work on mastering sounds before moving on to learning letters for those sounds. Kindergarteners will learn all basic phonics, moving to decodable readers by January.

    First Grade Skills
    In first grade, students and teachers begin with a review of basic phonics, moving to advanced phonics by the second unit. Students work on decoding (reading) and also encoding (spelling) through application of the phonics lessons. Oral reading fluency and comprehension are key components of first grade. 

    Second Grade Skills
    Second grade students continue work with more advanced decoding and encoding. These skills are applied in reading and writing varied texts.

    Knowledge, K-2
    The knowledge lessons are organized into domains, which range from classic literature to science and social studies topics. In the knowledge block, teachers read aloud to students from texts that are two grade levels above grade level, thus maximizing listening comprehension, which outpaces reading comprehension until age 13.