• Three years ago, Belle Chasse Academy fully implemented Eureka Math in grades K-5.

    Eureka Math was written by a team of teachers and mathematicians who took great care to present mathematics in a logical progression. Eureka Math carefully sequences the mathematical progressions into expertly crafted modules. This coherent approach allows teachers to know what incoming students already have learned and ensures that students are prepared for what comes next.

    It’s not enough for students to know the process for solving a problem; they need to understand why that process works. Teaching mathematics as a “story,” Eureka Math builds students’ knowledge logically and thoroughly to help them achieve deep understanding. While this approach is unfamiliar to those of us who grew up memorizing mathematical facts and formulas, it has been tested and proven to be the most successful method in the world. Eureka Math has been proven to dramatically reduce gaps in student learning, instill persistence in problem solving, and prepare students to understand advanced math.