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    After school activities are a part of the 21st Century Community Learning Center (CCLC). The 21st CCLC program is designed to provide a safe environment for children and offer an array of high-quality educational, developmental, and recreational services that complement school day academics to help our students meet state standards in core academic subjects through:

    •   After School Activities (ASAs)
    •   Extended Learning Opportunities (ELOs)

    What are ASAs (After School Activities)?
    ASAs offer innovative and academically enriching experiences that not only engage students, but extend knowledge in new ways. ASAs are open for any student in grades K-8 to register to attend. ASAs are a one-day after school commitment.

    What are ELOs (Extended Learning Opportunities)?
    ELOs address selected student learning needs in grades 3-8 through standard-based tutoring in ELA and Math for two types of students: 1) ELOs address the learning needs of students that require additional support by offering specific standards-based sessions to ensure mastery of essential standards in ELA and Math. 2) ELOs address the needs of high-performing students by offering extended learning opportunities to further enrich student mastery of content standards in ELA and Math.

    • ELOs are a two-day after school commitment. Students must attend both days in order to qualify for enrollment in an ELO.

     ASA Sessions                        Lottery Registration

    Session #1 9/16-1024             Session #1 Lottery 9/5-9/6
    Session #2: 10/28-12/19        Session #2 Lottery: 10/16-10/17
    Session #3: 1/6-3/5                Session #3 Lottery: 12/16-12/17
    Session #4: 3/9-5/7                Session #4 Lottery: 3/2-3/3 

    How do I register my child in an After School Activity (ASA) session?
    Enrollment for our after school program will not take place at BCA, as it is an e-registration. During the ASA enrollment process, students can select one after school activity per day plus multiple backup options (1st choice, 2nd choice, etc.) of interest. Students will be assigned ASAs based on indicated preference using a tiered lottery system. This ensures maximum participation and fairness for all students.

    ASA Registration Link: Click Here

    Thank you so much for your participation!

    Miriam Denis-Harper
    After-School Activities Manager