Middle School Fun Friday Schedule

  • Welcome to Belle Chasse Academy!  We have many fun and exciting Fun Friday activities planned for this year!  For those of you new to BCA or Fun Friday we schedule a new activity or assembly EVERY Friday for students who have completed all of their homework assignments and stayed out of trouble for the entire week!  Here are the upcoming Fun Friday activities for you to work for!

    February 22- Theater Production “Annie” 

    February 23- Theater Production “Annie”- Matinee at noon

    March 1- Mardi Gras Band Jam and Kindergarten Shoe Box Parade

    March 4-10- Mardi Gras Vacation

    March 15- Split Up Activity of Choice

                      Smith/Stall- Bowling

                      Gillum/Brownlee- Garden and Green Activity

                      8th Grade- Plaquadilla Park

                      Alternative  Activity: Movie or Track

                      7th Grade- Sign-Up Activity: Movie, Computer, Karaoke, Track, Gym, Basketball, Board games, Arts and Crafts

    March 22- Leading Ladies and Rue 21 present the BCA Fashion Show

    March 29- Sports Pep Rally and Athlete Recognition