Middle School Fun Friday Schedule

  • Welcome to Belle Chasse Academy!  We have many fun and exciting Fun Friday activities planned for this year!  For those of you new to BCA or Fun Friday we schedule a new activity or assembly EVERY Friday for students who have completed all of their homework assignments and stayed out of trouble for the entire week!  Here are the upcoming Fun Friday activities for you to work for!

    August 23- First Day of School/Character Counts Bootcamp

    August 24- 1st- 5th Grade- Character Counts Assembly

    August 24- Character Counts Assembly in theater followed by free play at the track/Concessions from the Cheer Squad

    August 29- First Day of Kindergarten

    August 31- Split Up Activity of Choice

                  Farmer/Cutrer- Bowling Alley

                  Osgood/Patterson- Gardening and Green Activity

                  7th Grade- Plaquadilla Park

    Alternative Activity: Movie or Track

    6th Grade- Sign-Up Activity: Movie, Computer, Karaoke, Track, Gym, Basketball, Board games, Arts and Crafts

    September 3- Labor Day

    September 7- Back to School Dance with Concession Stand

    September 14- Earth Day is Every Day!  Assembly

    September 21- TBD

    September 28- Volleyball Showdown- Teachers vs. Students with DJ Leander and Concessions

    October TBD- K-3rd Fire Prevention Assembly

    October 1- Teacher Work Day

    October 2- Boosterthon Pep Rally during K-5th PE and 6-8th PE/Enrichment

    October 5- Performing Arts Program

    October 8- Columbus Day

    October 12- 1st Boosterthon

    October 17- End of Quarter

    October 19- Dance Theater of Harlem

    October 26- Split Up Activity of Choice
                        Osgood/Patterson- Bowling Alley