Sustainability - Awards

  • One-In-A-Melon Award

    The United States Department of Agriculture conducted a survey to vote for the school district with a quality farm to school program – one with exemplary initiatives, inspiring results - one that is “one in a melon.”

    BCA was recognized for Louisiana with a “One in a Melon” award.  Winning districts received the most votes from parents, teachers, community stakeholders, students, and others who recognized the incredible work they’re doing through their farm to school programs. A full list of award winners, visit

    At BCA every grade experiments with gardening throughout the year – even kindergarteners. They learn how seeds grow, learn about the process, about the impact we have on nature and nature on us. They tie it to their other studied subjects. We have a garden on site that we can go check out any time and where kids proudly could point out their own plant they have planted.



    LifeCity is a sustainability cooperative organized to spur economic growth through social and environmental impact. BCA has been a member of LifeCity for three years.

    Over the last five years, LifeCity has presented over 100 awards for sustainable achievements and empowered change-makers to take on the next steps in their sustainability missions.

    LifeCity’s 5th Annual Green Games is an opportunity to spotlight members’ achievements in sustainability. Each competing organization demonstrates accomplishments on the social and environmental impact goals they’ve set, such as increasing lighting efficiency, recycling, employee health benefits, and ethical product development. They represent a wide cross-section of New Orleans’ industries including hospitality, schools, manufacturing, offices, retail, green services, and the non-profit/public sector. LifeCity’s jury of experts awards those organizations that have made exceptional achievements with funding and recognition to further their sustainability goals. Those winners are then recognized at the awards gala.

    This year BCA was honored with an Emerging Leadership award, recognizing our on-going efforts to recycle cardboard, paper and plastic.  BCA has also installed (18) hand dryers to replace disposable towels.  And appropriate organic waste from the cafeteria is also composted for our Victory and Farm-to-School garden.