Victory Garden

  • Welcome to the Belle Chasse Academy Victory Garden!


    The mission of the Belle Chasse Academy Victory Garden is to provide students

    and their families with life skills, health literacy and economic insight, through the integration of the garden and kitchen classroom experience into our daily school curriculum and the local economy.  This will be accomplished through a hands-on holistic approach that immerses every student in making healthy food choices, improving our environment, and becoming a community with a smaller carbon footprint and larger ecological “hand-print.”


    The Victory Garden Program is comprised of three separate garden spaces: an Herb/Pollinator garden, a Production garden (centered upon growing food for the school cafeteria) and an Interactive Learning Garden designed to facilitate math, science, and all core curricula education in an outdoor setting. 



    Guerilla Gardeners are all about reclaiming urban spaces: schools, yards, sidewalks -wherever ground is available - with beauty and meaning by growing food. Students will watch the transformation from seed to plant right before their very eyes by joining their peers in planting and caring for a fruit and vegetable garden.  This is a hands-on class that takes place in the school’s Teaching Garden, greenhouse, and indoor classrooms.  Students will learn life skills, information about healthy foods, a healthy lifestyle, environmental education, and economics.  They will also learn about local and seasonal food, know what and when to plant, and how this affects our city and surrounding communities.



    Green Team is about changing the world: one person, one class and one school at a time. In this class, we will discuss ways in which each individual can make small changes in daily routines that can have huge benefits for the earth. We will share this information to our peers and teachers to help them become more environmentally friendly as well.  We will explore different topics such as human management of the land, how to reduce, reuse, and recycle, gardening and how it benefits the world on a large scale, all the way down to gardening in your community and your own back yard; and how eating healthy and living healthy are beneficial to you and the earth. We are leaving a legacy that will last for years to come.


    The Belle Chasse Academy gardens and garden curriculum integration are partially funded through the generous support of the Emeril Lagasse Foundation.