Security Update

  • Belle Chasse Academy 
    100 Fifth Street, NAS-JRB
    elle Chasse, Louisiana 70037
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    Security Overview

    Belle Chasse Academy is committed to the overall safety of students, staff, visitors and parents. Part of this commitment involves the development of a set of security procedures that promote safety and security at the school. In support of those procedures are physical assets and technology that augment and enhance security procedures. In addition to the items following, the Belle Chasse Academy has recently added a Security and Traffic Manager to provide full time, dedicated focus on safety and security.

    Visitor sign-in
    As a result of several school shootings and those on military installations, our unique location on a military facility shows that we have to be even more vigilant. In complementing the Base’s direction for improved security of persons entering the base, we have upgraded our attendance software to a more in-depth process of monitoring individual access to the school and classrooms. We have changed the previous visitor “sign-in sticky patch” to a computerized system that will instantly provide an immediate check against the Federal sex offender database. When a match is found notification is made to school administrators and access is denied. Very shortly, we will have a driver’s license scan to make this as quick process as possible. This will be further expanded to provide almost instant criminal background check as well. The Nation and the Belle Chasse Academy continue to pursue the safest learning environment for our students, and we appreciate your cooperation.

                -Security camera’s positioned at forty locations around school facility providing perimeter visibility
                -Security camera’s positioned on contracted school buses providing visibility of student activity
                -Fire alarm emergency pull stations and smoke detectors available for school wide alarm notification
                -Public address system with loud speakers in or around all rooms for instant mass communication
                -Electric motorized carts to provide rapid response to activity areas
                -Elevator with telephone communications for emergency response
                -Automatic doors for lock down and fire suppression
                -Emergency lighting during electric power loss
                -Security lighting throughout interior and exterior of school to include adjacent parking lot
                -Protective fencing around high voltage, trash disposal, and playground
                -Hazardous/Flammable material storage
                -Secure/fireproof personnel and student records
                -Personnel identification badges for students, staff and volunteers
                -Warning/informational signage
                -Naval Base security perimeter fencing and facility controlled access
                -Naval Base security personnel


                -Crisis Management Plan. The Crisis Management Plan provides information and identifies responsibilities during significant weather and emergency situations.

                -Naval Base Vehicular Controls/BCA Identification . The Naval Air Station Joint Reserve Base no longer issues vehicular identification stickers. In order to assist the Commander for vehicular access control to the facility, parents, teachers, and staff will are required to have a Belle Chasse Academy personal identification card. The card will be required to access the base in their personal vehicle for school activities.

                -School Evening Lockup Procedures. The evening custodial supervisor is responsible for securing the school after each school day. The school doors will be locked each evening at 5:00 PM. Front doors for access of parents/students will be opened at 7:55 AM. Limited access to the cafeteria and the gymnasium will be available at 7:30 AM.

                -Building and room key controls. The morning custodial supervisor is responsible for maintaining and distributing keys for doors, rooms, and storage containers. A log is maintained to identify to whom the keys are issued.

                -Distinguishing uniforms. Belle Chasse Academy students are required to wear uniforms when at schools that distinguishes them from other schools in the area. Identification of another uniform will require proper identification and authorization to be on campus.

                -Background investigations for employees and volunteers. Employees of the Belle Chasse Academy are required, prior to having been selected for employment, to comply with the requirements of the Louisiana Child Protection Act. This includes a criminal history review and collecting a finger print sample. Throughout the term of employment, a periodic criminal history review will made to substantiate continued employment. Employees are to notify the Principal of any criminal prosecution or convictions experienced while employed at Belle Chasse Academy. Any employee who fails to provide notification of any moral offense or crime related to the misappropriation of funds or theft not disclosed during a background check, prior to, and subsequent to employment, will be subject to termination for cause.

                -Sexual Abuse insurance for all contractor personnel involved with children. The Belle Chasse Academy is dedicated to provide our students and staff with a safe and secure learning environment. Key areas of concern are sexual abuse controls. As such, contractors whose performance requires contact with students are required to provide proof of sexual abuse insurance.

                -Compliance with informational signage-no drugs, weapons, hours of operation. Louisiana R.S. 14.95.1 makes all public schools into Firearm Free Zones. This zone includes the campus, school buses, and extends 1000 feet around the school property. There will be no firearms at any school function. This provision applies to students and non-students. A violation of the Firearm Free Zone is a felony and is punishable by up to five years in jail. Belle Chasse Academy is a Drug Free Zone. This zone consists of any property used for school purposes. The zone is also an area of 1000 feet surrounding the property used by the school. The zone extends to the buses, playground and recreational facilities (R.S. 17:405).

                -Sign in requirements for all guests/parents with controlled access. To help ensure a safe and secure learning environment for students, faculty and staff, all visitors to the school are required to sign in at the office and be issued a visitor/parent ID tag. Faculty and staff are to escort anyone not wearing a visitor’s/parent ID tag to the school office for identification. (R.S. 17:416.10)

                -Student record information and storage controls.The Belle Chasse Academy has developed and adopted policies, in consultation with parents, regarding security of student record information and Family Educational and Privacy Act rights, as well as arrangements to protect student privacy in the administration of protected information surveys and the collection, disclosure, or use of personal information for marketing, sales, or other distribution purposes. The Belle Chasse Academy will directly notify parents of these policies at least annually at the start of each school year and after any substantive changes. The Belle Chasse Academy will also directly notify, such as through U.S. Mail or email, parents of students who are scheduled to participate in the specific activities or surveys noted below and will provide an opportunity for the parent to opt his or her child out of participation of the specific activity or survey. The Belle Chasse Academy will make this notification to parents at the beginning of the school year if the District has identified the specific or approximate dates of the activities or surveys at that time. For surveys and activities scheduled after the school year starts, parents will be provided reasonable notification of the planned activities and surveys listed below and will be provided an opportunity to opt their child out of such activities and surveys. Parents will also be provided an opportunity to review any pertinent surveys. Belle Chasse Academy personnel will not disclose confidential material without specific written consent. Student records will be kept in locked cabinets/drawers and separated from routine student information. They will be marked as “confidential.”

    -Facility utilization and access authorization controls. The Belle Chasse Academy is a community school. As such, the school facility will be made available to responsible organizations that augment educational and recreational resources. This includes the provisions of the Commander NAS-JRB/ Belle Chasse Academy Cooperative Endeavor Agreement. Use of the facility will be requested through the “Activity/ Facility Use Approval Request” form and approved by the Principal. The requests will be maintained by the Front Office Manager who will insure that events and activities are not in conflict and that the necessary support is scheduled and provided as required. Organizations outside of the school will be required to have satisfactory insurance to cover the event/activity and hold the school harmless of liability concerns.

    -Equipment inventory and identification. An inventory of school property will be conducted annually. Equipment will be identified as Property of Belle Chasse Academy and /or identifying the Grant source from which funding was obtained that was used to purchase it.

    -Hall pass controls. All students unaccompanied by teachers/staff are required to posses a hall pass when outside the classroom. Passes are required to provide access to the library, front office, or restrooms. Students without authorized passes are considered to be in an unauthorized area and will be returned to their classroom for resolution to their absence from their classroom.

    -Before and after school identification controls and teacher supervision during vehicle drop-off and pick up periods. Students are not allowed at school prior to 7:30 a.m. Students need to be picked up by 3:45 p.m. Parents should thoroughly familiarize themselves with the designated pick-up and drop-off points and visitor parking areas at the school. Motorists should exercise caution when entering the parking lot. Motorists should pay attention to school staff directing traffic in the mornings and afternoons. Cars may not park on the grass or in the bus lanes. Parents who would like their children to walk home or wait off campus for pick-up must notify the school in writing of this departure method. Faculty and staff will greet students in the morning and dismiss the students in the afternoon, ensuring that each student enters and exits the campus in a safe and orderly fashion. If a student’s regular departure method is changed, the school must be notified in writing by 2:00 p.m. the day of the change. Verbal notification will not be accepted. Only the adults listed on the student information sheet are authorized to pick up students. Regular check-out procedures will apply. Parents wishing to add to the authorized pick up list must do so in writing. Parents must also provide documentation for those adults not authorized to have contact with or to pick up students. If a child is left or returned to school, the parent or emergency contact will be called to arrange for pick up. Parents should communicate effectively with the school when and if they are going to be late. Habitual tardiness in picking up students at prescribed times may result in a referral to the appropriate authorities.