Special Populations


    Welcome to the Special Populations Department. A quality education is the fundamental right of every child at Belle Chasse Academy.  The department provides many services, and it is our responsibility to ensure equal, safe, and quality learning opportunities for all students, Kindergarten through 8th grade. Therefore, our mission is to help teachers teach and children learn.

    This department consists of five primary divisions: Special Education, Gifted & Talented, English Language Learners, and Support Services (Speech/Language, Physical,  & Occupational Therapy, and Adaptive Physical Education).  Remembering our priority of putting teachers and students first drives the department’s daily operations:

    Service:  Students are provided services through pre-referral practices, interventions, informal & formal assessments, screening policies, behavioral interventions and our school’s curriculum.   *Parents and students should always expect prompt, thoughtful, and courteous responses.

    Accountability: The department fills a role as a keeper and distributor of pertinent education data. This information is used to demonstrate academic performance, to reward students performing well, and to provide additional resources and assistance to general and special education teachers in need of improvement.

    Partnership: We believe that more can be accomplished when we all work together rather than separately. By partnering with local schools, parents, businesses, and organizations, we can provide more books, more awards, more grants, and more expertise. This means more, and better, educational opportunities for our students.

    Innovation: The way children learn is changing every day. We are committed to using technology in the classroom. We are also working to involve parents and community leaders to ensure that students are equipped with the skills necessary for higher levels of education, the world of work, and lifelong learning.

    Therese Roques

     Director for Special Populations

    (504) 433-5850, ext. 111







    “Every student can learn.  Just not on the same day

    or in the same way.” – George Evans



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