Why Federal Impact Aid is important to BCA

  • We are extremely fortunate at Belle Chasse Academy!  Due to our large number of "federally connected" students, our school qualifies for federal Impact Aid funds (Title VIII of the Elementary and Secondary Education Act of 1965). What is a "federally connected" student?

    Does your child

    • Have a parent in the United States military?
    • Live on federal property (NAS/JRB Belle Chasse or Federal City)?
    • Have a parent who works on federal property?
    • If so, they are a "federally connected" student!

      The concept of support for a federally connected student originated on the frontier of the American West, with the establishment of forts to protect settlers as they sought better lives across the continent.  The troopers often traveled with their families, whose children needed education from the local schools.  Federal funds were authorized to support the local governments to assist in providing education for the influx of military families.

      The modern version of this funding support was made official in1950, when Congress provided financial assistance to local school districts with "federally impacted" students through the Impact Aid Program. At Belle Chasse Academy this annual dollar figure is significant, and is included in our annual operating budget.  However, the only way districts can collect the proper amount federal impact aid dollars is by collecting a federal Impact Aid Survey for each and every "federally connected student."  Thus, your annual assistance is needed.  This process helps ensure Belle Chasse Academy is able to provide exceptional  K-8 educational services—services not normally or routinely seen in most public school districts.  What do we mean by "exceptional?" 
      How does Belle Chasse Academy use our federal impact aid dollars?

    • Teaching Assistants in every academic classroom;

    • Full inclusion of Special Education students with a certified, highly-qualified Special Education teacher assigned to every grade;

    • Trained bus monitors on every school bus;

    • The employment of three full-time guidance counselors;

    • A dedicated Response to Intervention team (director and three full-time interventionists);

    • Our (cost-free to students) after-school tutoring program; and

    • Our robust, well-rounded fine arts program.

      These are just a few of the extraordinary services provided to the Belle Chasse Academy community through this annual significant windfall of dollars.  Without your help we will lose these funds, our annual operating budget will be significantly decreased, and the services listed above (and other programs) will be unfunded and therefore eliminated.

      Each October 1 you will be asked to please complete and sign a survey form for each child in your household and return it to your child’s school. All information that you provide on the Survey will be treated confidentially. It is extremely important that we receive a survey form for every student in our school system. The U.S. Department of Education requires that survey forms be signed and dated by the parent/guardian to be eligible to receive funds based on the information you supply.
      The data gathered is recorded as the number of parents who meet the required criteria. No personal information such as name, address or place of employment is reported in the grant application. The grant application is filed electronically with the U.S. Department of Education.

      If you have any questions or would like more information on Impact Aid, please visit the U.S. Department of Education website at
      http://www2.ed.gov/about/offices/list/oese/impactaid/index.html, or contact Mr. Michael Rocks (mrocks@bellechasseacademy.org or Ext. 129) or Mrs. Jane Dye (jdye@bellechasseacademy.org or Ext. 134).

    If you have not completed an annual survey for your BCA students, please contact Mrs. Tammy Boutte (tboutte@bellechasseacademy.org) or your child's homeroom teacher.  This survey form is also available on this website. 

    Thanks for making Belle Chasse Academy an extraordinary public education provider.  It takes a team!

    "A dream you dream alone is only a dream.  A dream you dream together is a reality."  --John Lennon--