F.I.N.S. Referral for Discipline Issues

  • Dear Parents:

    At Belle Chasse Academy, it is our mission to educate students not only in academic areas but in how to conduct themselves as human beings.  We use a variety of methods to accomplish this task.  Sometimes more strident actions are necessary to affect change in a student's behavior.
    When a student's behavior becomes problematic and traditional methods to affect change (i.e., counseling, setting expectations, discipline referrals, school sanctioned consequences) do not seem to work, BCA will now use the juvenile justice system to assist the school and parents in changing student behavior.
    Once a student has been sanctioned with two out of school suspensions, a F.I.N.S. referral will be made.  Families In Need of Services(F.I.N.S.) is a part of each parish's juvenile justice system.  Once the referral is submitted, the student is processed by F.I.N.S personnel which includes law enforcement personnel and probation officers.
    If a student continues to behave inappropriately at school, F.l.N.S. personnel will remove the student from school and take the student to the juvenile detention center in the parish where the student resides. A hearing will be conducted and consequences will be determined.
    It is not our intention to place students under the scrutiny of law enforcement officials, however, we are clearly bound by law to maintain a safe educational environment for all students.  Those students who make poor choices run the risk of being referred to this program.
    Please talk with you child about this notification and the importance of maintaining good behavior at school. 
    For more information, please go to
    Jefferson Parish         FINS Contact
    Plaquemines Parish    Plaquemines Parish District Attorney
    Louisiana State FINS  http://brgov.com/dept/juvenile/fins.htm 
    Thank you,
    Belle Chasse Academy