Truancy Policy/Letter


    The research is overwhelming.  School attendance significantly impacts student performance.

    Additionally, Louisiana has stringent compulsory attendance laws. Specifically the statute defines when a student is habitually absent or tardy. According the Revised Statute 17:233.B, a student shall be considered habitually tardy or absent upon the fifth unexcused occurrence of either. Additionally, Act 305 of the 2009 regular session amends the statute to provide for increased penalties against parents or legal custodians of a child who is deemed truant.

    Please review the applicable sections of the Parent Handbook (pages 15, 16 and 17).

    Communication is the key.  Please communicate effectively in the prescribed manner with your child's teacher when your child is absent or tardy.

    Also, remember that when your child is tardy, you must physically come in to the office to sign them in.

    Belle Chasse Academy works in cooperation with Plaquemines Parish District Attorney's office to ensure compliance with R.S. 17:233.b(d)(i).

    Mr. Michael Rocks, School Operations Manager, and Ms Rene Thompson, K-4 Principal and School Attendance Officer, are your points of contact. Questions regarding attendance are directed to our Guidance Department.