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5th-8th Grade Students and Chrome Books

Click HERE to view the Chrome Book User Agreement


Dear Parents/Guardians


This school year, Belle Chasse Academy financed and implemented the use of Chrome books in grades 5-8.  We believe that 1:1 device use is a necessary step to prepare our students for life beyond our school. It is disheartening when we witness students abusing the privilege


Creating an environment for learning is the responsibility of our teachers and teacher assistants. Taking full advantage of this environment for learning is the student’s responsibility. They simply are not taking advantage of learning when they leave the authorized sites to engage in game play and other unauthorized sites. They are also using the media function for taking still pictures and videos of themselves and classmates.


Every student reviewed a Chromebook User Agreement at the beginning of the school year during Boot Camp. The students signed the agreement and then it was sent home for you, the parent/guardian,  to sign.  The user agreement and expectations were revisited in January at our mini Boot Camp. It is your responsibility to ensure that you impress upon your child the importance of responsible chromebook use and taking full advantage of the learning environment.


Beginning February 20, 2019, the infraction of unauthorized use of a chromebook will certainly warrant a behavior referral. The consequence for the first offense will be a day in, In School Detention (ISD). Subsequent offenses will be left to the discretion of the teacher and administration and will result in the removal of the opportunity to use the chrome book.


As our partner in your child’s education, we do ask that you iterate to your child the importance of maximizing all opportunities for academic growth while they are at Belle Chasse Academy.

I have attached the Chromebook User Agreement for you to review with your child at home once again.

Thank you


Mary Bekeris

Belle Chasse Academy

Principal, Middle School, 5-8