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End of Year Dress Down Privileges for 1st - 7th Grade Students

        End of Year Dress Down Privileges for 1st grade-7th grade Students


        Students that have earned ALL of the PBIS good behavior lanyards during their enrollment at BCA for the 2018-2019 school year will be receiving a coupon soon entitling them to dress down the last four days of school for free: May 20, May 21, May 22, and May 23. They may wear an outfit of their choice. 


Congratulations to these exemplary students!


        Additionally, students that receive the final good behavior lanyard (Burgundy color) will be allowed to dress down on Friday, 5/17 for FREE.  The lanyards will be distributed by their homeroom teachers prior to 5/17. 


        Students not receiving the coupon or the Burgundy lanyard may dress down on Friday, 5/17 only with the purchase of a dress down band for $2.00 that is sold in the gym each Friday morning.   Parents, please be sure your child adheres to dress codes (no jeans with holes, appropriate skirt length, no tank tops, appropriate footwear, etc.)


  • Kindergarten and 8th grade students will be receiving a reward chosen by their teachers in place of these Dress Down days.