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COVID-19 Update End of Year Guidance, 2020-2021

End of Year Guidance, 2020-2021

Distance learning will continue through May 21st. Please see attachment on grading and promotion for detailed information. 

Important dates:

  • May 11: kindergarten ceremony materials pickup
  • May 13, 8AM-10AM: drop off athletic equipment and uniforms
  • May 14, 6PM-7:30PM: drop off athletic equipment and uniforms
  • May 16: drop date for students who have not completed intent to return form
  • May 19: 8th virtual promotion ceremony
  • May 18-19: EoY math testing, iReady in grades K-1 and ANet in grades 2-7
  • May 20-21: EoY ELA testing, iReady in grades K-1 and ANet in grades 2-7
  • May 20: kindergarten graduation packet pickup and CKLA materials return
  • May 21: official last day of school
  • May 22-25: school holiday
  • May 26, 7AM-9AM only: Chromebook return for grades 6-8, ELA Guidebooks materials return
  • May 27, 7AM-9AM: Chromebook return for grades 3-5, ELA Guidebooks materials return
  • May 28, 7AM-9AM: Chromebook return for grades K-2, CKLA unit reader return
  • May 28: report cards mailed
  • June 1-5: summer break for all BCA staff; campus is closed

Building Access

Access to the building is restricted at this time and for the foreseeable future. If you are being relocated and your student has personal items of import that were left at school, please contact the appropriate principal to arrange a time for access to the building. 

End of Year Testing

To identify priority areas of instruction and to plan for potential learning loss, we are administering end-of-year (EoY) assessments in both ELA and math. These tests will be given electronically. K-1 students will take the iReady End of Year Diagnostic, which will help chart an optional, but highly recommended, learning path for the summer. Students in grades 2-7 will take the ANet Interim 4, which addresses standards from the last quarter of the school year. Please ensure that students have a quiet place to take these tests independently. Because data will be used to plan for next school year, it’s important that students do not receive assistance on this test. Teachers will provide guidance on administration during that week.

Chromebook Collection

You will remain in your vehicle. Please wear a face mask and gloves. The Chromebook must be fully charged as the device will be inspected for any damages. If any damages are identified, you will be responsible for damages identified. Please refer to the sheet you received and signed when you received the device. Please be prepared to pay for damages at that time. Credit Card or cash will be the only forms of payment accepted. Since Chromebooks will be assessed for damages, please allow at least 20 minutes to complete this process. We ask for your patience during this time.

Attachment: Click link below
K 8th Grade Grading and Promotion